BRC Kit Ordering

By clicking on the link below you will be routed to the Godfrey rowing clothing website where you will find the kit items selected for our club.

There is an ordering ‘window’ opened with our suppliers at Godfrey Sport from 11th October until 23:59 on Sunday 29th October 2017.

The reason we have these ‘windows’ is to maximise opportunities for bulk purchase discounts.  However, you can order any item at any time but by doing so you should be aware that there will no likely be any discount on offer.  Also I have asked Godfrey Sport to update their website as the maxmimum price we will be charged is the 2-11 units price – no one will be charged the one unit price. 

We have been assured that all orders placed before the 20th October will be delivered to the club comfortably in time for Christmas.


Order BRC

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