Beccles vs. Bungay Boat Race

Little ‘n’ Large
In a change to the usual Beccles vs. Bungay Boat Race format held by Beccles Rowing club each year, in order to give people a chance to start the sport of Rowing, this year saw the advent of a Little ‘n’ Large Boat Race.

After enduring three months of rain, wind and snow it was both a welcome sight and a relief that by race day ( 7th April) the sun was shining and making it a most delightful morning.

The ‘Large’ crew, made up of Jon Meen, Jason Lock, Danny Flannery and Geoff Reeves were all newcomers to the sport in January and had been training together in a Sweep oar boat since then building up to this race, progressing so well that now after the race two have since joined the club.

Their compition came in the form of the ‘Little crew.’ Each member of the large crew already had A family member who were already Junior members of the club. This consisted of Alex Hood, Ed Lock, Alice Flannery and Pascale Reeves who would be sculling together for only the second time during the race, in a quad coxed by Gabriel Taylor.

Before the race even started however there was a problem, Ed Lock (Jason’s son) proceeded to trap his finger in the car door, ironically on the way home from a rowing session the day before the race. Forcing him to pull out to a spectators view, driving the umpires launch following the race. Fortunately Jacob Wolnough was on hand who very kindly stepped into to Ed’s seat , to make a full crew once more.

With the two boats on the start line (the old iron Bridge over the Waveney) the race would commence 500metres upstream, past the Waveney hotel, finishing at the Beccles Lido.

As the race began the ‘Little’ crew got of to a lightening start and began to pull away from the ‘Large’ crew. The extra Brawn of the large crew then played into effect as they began to close the gap to around two boat lengths at the half way stage. Ultimately however, no matter how hard they tried the ‘Large’ crew were unable to make up for the ground they lost on the start line, and so by the time they reached the finish line the ‘Little’ crew recorded a convincing victory. Proof that adult’s aren’t always best?

It is important to thank all the coaches, who have put so much time into preparing the crews for the race, as well as Jon Benest-Bartram who umpired the race and Robin De Vere Green who kindly offered to Photos.

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