The Queen’s Jubilee Pageant Sunday 3rd June

At the end of March Jon and Robin were asked if they could help crew a small replica rowing boat and after many hours testing and experimenting took to the Thames for the Pageant. Although the ‘course’ was from Battersea to Tower Bridge which is about 7 miles we had to launch upstream of Chiswick and disembarked at Millwall which turned out to be a total of 17 miles.

With our BRC blades, dressed in Club colours and flying a Club pennant we tried to make sure everyone knew who we represented!

It seemed to work because we were cheered on by thousands including Anne, Princess Royal calling“well done Beccles” and we had top mention in the Times leader next day. It was all an unforgettable experience although very tiring in such a small heavy boat despite the owner Chris Twinch, who was at the helm, urging us on as we ticked off the twenty two bridges.

As we all know the weather caved in and we reached Millwall soaked through and perishingly cold but still saying we wouldn’t have missed it.


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